Ultimate Step by Step Tutorial for Taobao International Forwarding Service to Singapore DBS card only

Taobao.com has officially launch its regional e-shopping site for Southeast Asia, meanwhile, the international forwarding service has provided Singaporeans with great convenience to go online shopping with Taobao. In this article, we provide a step by step tutorial to guide you through the international forwarding service provided by Taobao and its affiliates. We believe that, by following the tutorial, you would be able to successfully ship the products you order from taobao to Singapore.

We have tested that DBS credit/debit card is accepted by taobao.com. This article will use buying a board game as an example, the shipping cost 35 RMB, and it takes 5 days to ship from taobao to Singapore.

The figure below shows the main page of www.taobao.com, we should be automatically directed to the regional site if we log from Singapore.



We will skip the shopping part, and go directly to the part where you need to select your address. Click “using new address” and use your address in Singapore. After confirmation, click “using international forwarding service”.



Next, select the forwarder, different companies may charge differently, you can check out the shipping fee by browsing through the companies as shown in the figure below. We will use 4px as an example, click “agree” to proceed.



After submitting your orders, the system will jump to the zhifubao payment page automatically. Click “Credit Card”, and add a new bank. When asked to choose a bank, select Singapore.



The only bank that is accepted by taobao is DBS, select DBS.



Fill up the forms accordingly and finish the payment.



Now, wait till the seller ships the product. The seller would usually send the products to the forwarder. When the product reaches to the forwarder’s place, you can check from “My Taobao” --- “Product bought”,  then you can find the button “forward the order” easily.



We can now check the ordering status, in case you want to ship multiple products, we suggest sending all the parcels to the forwarder, and then combining the parcels and shipping them back to Singapore in one shot to save money.



The last step would be making the payment to the forwarder, which is similar to the payment as mentioned above. After making the payment, all you need to do is waiting. However, you are able to check the parcels if you wish.



The above step by step tutorial should be sufficient for you to bring taobao to Singapore, enjoy shopping with taobao :)

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