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ProductWestone Three-Driver Universal Fit Earphone

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Customer Review from Amazon:

When I decided to purchase my first pair of pristine-quality headphones, I tried the Shure SE310s, Shure SE530s, and these Westone 3s. The first and primary thing I noticed was that both of the Shures were focused on clarity and precision with defined mids and medium highs and lows. When you hear a voice with the Shures, it's like the singer is right there singing to you, but the basses and highs are there, but not as focused. The Westone 3s on the other hand have a very sensational sound with very clear highs and lots of bass. The focus on these headphones are the ups and downs of the music. They make the listening experience a roller coaster ride of "wow". In my opinion, if you are listening to rock or pop, then get these. If you are listening to jazz, classical guitar, or musicals, get the Shures. These Westones and the Shure 530s are of comparable quality, but with different focuses.



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