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About Beyer Dynamic A1 Headphone Amplifier:

With the introduction of the A1, beyerdynamic enters a new area of audio reproduction. After intense fundamental research, beyerdynamic have succeeded in developing a brand new audiophile-quality headphone amplifier, providing precise audio performance even when used with the demanding 600 ohm premium line of beyerdynamic headphones. With its unique intelligent-circuit concept, the A1 is capable of reproducing an amazingly wide frequency range which stretches way above human perception and can take your music to a new level.

The entire circuit is capable of handling frequencies of up to 96 kHz, which enables the transfer of pure, uncompressed audio from either SA-CD or other HD audio sources. A micro-processor-controlled relay allows noiseless switching between two different high quality audio signals and avoids unpleasant clicking when powering the A1 on or off.

Quality Components To Benefit Any Headphone

Underneath the large front-panel-mounted aluminum volume control is a high grade ALPS-potentiometer for smooth volume adjustment. It's all part of beyerdynamic's attention to detail that ranges from the outer unit construction to its quality integral components--use of a generously-sized toroidal core transformer and other carefully selected components allows even the highest-impedance headphones to be driven flawlessly over the entire frequency range. The provision of a special impedance headphone output ensures that the control range of the volume potentiometer is also ideal for headphones with lower impedance, so any headphone can benefit.

Intelligent Pass-Through Works With and Without Power

The first of the two provided line-ins is hardwired to the A1 line out. The result allows the incoming signal to be looped through even with the A1 in standby mode. So you only have to power up the A1 if you want to increase the enjoyment of your music using your headphones. Two blue LEDs in the front panel monitor the active signal input, with a further multicolor LED giving information about the A1's operating status. The beyerdynamic A1 is an uncompromising companion for your headphones and a pure masterpiece in audio achievement.

Works With Any Impedance of Headphones

The A1 headphone amplifier has been developed to operate headphones with a nominal impedance from 30 to 600 ohms. It provides your music sources with better audio quality--higher volume and stronger bass response. The special circuit design features an amazingly natural sound reproduction with an excellent resolution and spatiality. The entire circuitry is capable to transmit 96 kHz allowing the transmission of the whole frequency response of a SA-CD or other HD audio sources.

Noiseless A/B Source Switching

Due to a microprocessor-controlled relay two high-class stereo sound sources can be selected silently without any unpleasant cracking noise when turning the A1 on /off or when changing the audio source.



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