Amazon | Corsair Vengeance M95 Performance MMO/RTS Laser Gaming Mouse US$49.99 + US$8.81 Shipping Fee

Historical low! Amazon offers Corsair Vengeance M95 Performance MMO/RTS Laser Gaming Mouse , Gunmetal Black (CH-9000025-NA) for US$49.99. Direct shipping to Singapore with additional shipping fee of US$8.81. Free shipping with min. spending of US$125.

  • US$49.99 + US$8.81 Shipping Fee
  • Direct shipping to Singapore with additional shipping fee of US$8.81. Free shipping with min. spending of US$125.

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"Premium mouse with high button count. I got this mouse because I was looking for a mouse that is capable of being assigned a modifier key (CTRL/SHIFT/ALT) - meaning a button could be held (as in when dragging). I would have gone for the Roccat but they currently do not have this function on their mice. On-board memory was also very important. Cyborg MMO7 was a good mouse but it seems their mice relies on Windows software. Razer is out of the question because their software is junk (required connection). I was ready to get another Logitech G700, but I thought I should try this one instead. G600 was also an option but it was reported that it has pointer-jumping issues - plus I am not a fan of grid-style buttons.

What I Like:
+ Premium feel. It feels very expensive. Soft rubbery surface, metal underside, hard plastic buttons that doesn't feel cheap.
+ Premium looks. Looks expensive too. The lighting is very natural, not overpowering. Braided cable.
+ On-Board Memory: This should be a must for any gaming mouse, as all functions come from within the mouse itself.
+ High button count: 15 buttons, arranged in an ergonomic way. I disagree that it feels very awkward to use. A couple of buttons are a little harder to reach, but you assign it to the least frequently used functions.
+ Easy to use software.
+ Does not look ridiculous like the Logitech G600 and Razer Naga. (Subjective)

What I don't like:
- Scroll wheel does not tilt
- Software is a little buggy. Built-In "copy, paste, cut. select all" options acting up. Could be remedied by entering Macro instead.
- A bit expensive - BUT not as expensive as Razer (Junk) and Cyborg (no on-board memory).
- I really wished Corsair put a button at the center-most spot of the mouse.
- Fixed DPI count. User is forced to select 3 DPI settings per profile, no more, no less.

What I wish was there:
- Wireless
- Weight customization
- Select-able Scroll mode (Logitech G700 let's you choose between free-scroll OR "click"-scroll)
- Lighting options."

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