Tutorial A Guide to Third-party Forwarding Services

With the fast development of internet and the logistic systems, online shopping has been easier than ever. It is a common consensus that oversea products are generally cheaper than that in the retailer shops in Singapore. Doing oversea online internet shopping has become a must-have skill for Singapore residences.

Oversea online shopping sites like Amazon.com (click to see Amazon free shipping tutorial), ASOS, Beauty Expert, Look Fantastic, shopbop provide free shipping to Singapore (min. spending may be requied). Other sites like Gilt, Bloomingdales, Ashford, Victoria's Secrets etc, provides direct shipping to Singapore with shipping fee.

Third party forwarding services enable you to explore a greater oversea shopping choices to the sites that do not provide shipping service to Singapore, especially in USA, for example, 6pm, woot, Ralph Lauren, Nautica and many more. Forwarding services are particularly useful when purchasing from oversea businesses that do not ship to international addresses or do not accept international currencies.

So, what exactly is third party forwarding service?

Third-party package forwarding services allow Singapore customers to purchase from businesses oversea, e.g. United States, and have the packages shipped to a oversea address (which is the oversea warehouse of the third -party package forwarding service company). And then, the 3rd party forwarding service company would send the package from oversea to Singapore --- your address. They usually include consolidation services that combine multiple shipments and forward them to an your address as one shipment.

The top third-party forwarding service companies in Singapore include vPost, comgateway, 65daigou etc. These forwarding companies also provide repackaging services, calculation of customs clearance, duties and taxes and payment.

What's so good about third-party forwarding service?

> Able to Purchase from oversea businesses that do not ship to international addresses or do not accept international currencies.

> Consolidation from Multiple Vendors
Consolidation (combining shipments from multiple sources into one shipment) helps save shipping costs since shipping rates per pound decline with an increase in overall weight.  Separate shipments are charged based on the weight of each shipment but a consolidated shipment is charged based on the weight of the combined packages.

> Repackaging
Most, if not all, forwarding services charge based on the original packaging.  This is necessary in order to quote shipping costs up front.  Repacking may help the customer in that there are fewer packages to account for but the real benefactor is the forwarding company who pays for shipping based on the repackaged (smaller) shipment.  The difference may not be much if actual weight is used for shipping calculations.  But if dimensional weight is used, savings to the forwarding service can be very large.

How does third-party forwarding service charge?

Generally, weight is used as the indicator of how much you will pay.  However, a package may be very large and take up a great amount of space without weighing much at all. In these cases, the package will be charged by volumetric measure.

How does third-party forwarding service work?

Find a forwarding service company, in Singapore, we recommend vPost (warehouses in USA, Europe, Japan and China) and comgateway, please feel free to choose from the others.

Four simple steps:

1. Sign up to get your overseas addresses

2. Shop online & send purchases to your overseas address obtained from Step 1.

3. You will receive notification (email) when your purchases arrive the warehouse of the forwarding company. Then Declare & pay when packages arrive.

4. Receive packages at your doorstep

If you have any doubts about third-party forwarding service, please contact us at our facebook fan page.




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