22 - 23 Apr. 2015 Kanebo seasonal Warehouse Sale 2015

The first Kanebo seasonal Warehouse Sale in 2015 is here! Featuring popular Japanese skincare and cosmetics brands including Lunasol cosmetics and skincare, Kate Tokyo, Blanchir Superior, RMK, Impress Ic and more.

  • Address: UE Square, Unit 01-35/36, 83 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore 239920 (Clarke quay Mart station, 15 minutes walk)
  • Date: 22 - 23 Apr. 2015, 10am - 7pm

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If you have always been keen to Japanese skincare and make-ups, you should be very familiar with these popular Japanese skincare and cosmetics brands: Lunasol cosmetics and skincare, Kate Tokyo, Blanchir Superior, RMK, Impress Ic … Now you can get beauty product from these brands at the best prices! Range from Spring Summer, Fall Winter, Christmas and limited edition eyeshadows palette, foundation, powder, loose powder, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, bb cream, concealer, serum, toner lotion, moisturiser, cleanser, mask and more.

Kanebo SALE 2014 Singapore prices and products should be similar to its past years, below is a list of products and price list we have gathered from past years sales, for your reference!


Lunasol-Summer-2013-Vivid-Clear-Eyes-Palette-Promo LS_13SS_ASIA_BM_Yoko_colton_B1


Lunasol Eyeshadow Palettes S$35 (UPS$77) each

Lunasol Three dimensional Eyes Fall 2011 Collection 3D Eyeshadow Quad 01 Neutral Beige / 02 Soft Beige 03 /Mysterious Beige / 04 Cool Beige / 05 Deep Beige

LUNASOL Ocean Scene Eyes Summer 2011 Eyeshadow Quad 01 Warm Ocean, 02 Natural Ocean, 03 Vivid Ocean, 04 Smoky Ocean, 05 Colourful Ocean NOW $35 (Usual Price $77)

Lunasol Spring 2011 Collection Aurorized Eyes Eyeshadow Quad 01 Nuance Variation / 02 Light Variation /04 Soft Variation/ 05 Contrast Variation

Lunasol Nature Colorful Collection/ Star Showers Collection

Lunasol TU Smoothing makeup base $25

Lunasol Skin Modelling Liquid /Cream Foundation $25

Lunasol MicroFinish Pressed Powder Moist $23

Lunasol Pressed Shining Powder Winter 2010 $15

Lunasol Shining Powder BE-02, WT-01 - S$15 (UPS$39)

Lunasol Under Eye Base Concealer 00 and YL S$18

Lunasol Eyelid Base S$18 (UPS$43)

Lunasol Shining Eyes Single Eyeshadow -$15

Lunasol Noble Liquid Liner (Blue, green. pink. gold) $15

Lunasol Gel Eyeliners 02,03,05,05,06 - S$18 (UPS$50)

Lunasol Lip Gloss - S$15 (UPS$43)

Lunasol Liquid Lips- S$18 (UPS$43)

Lunasol Lipsticks - S$18 (UPS$46)

Lunasol Lip Essence, assorted limited edition lipsticks/gloss/eye colours $15 to $18

Lunasol Nail Polish S$10

Lunasol Makeup Sponge S$3

Impress Cream/Liquid Foundation S$50

Lunasol-Fall-2011 Kanebo Lunasol 2012 Autumn 11

Lunasol Skincare:

Watery Cleansing Oil - S$18 (UP$43) / Foamy Cream Wash - S$20 (UP$35) / Foamy Moist Wash $15 (UP$43)

Moist Conditioner $35 (UP$68) / First Skin Adjuster $30 (UP$60)


Eye Essence kit Day & Night $40 (UP$85)

Eye Makeup Remover $10 (UP$18.50)


Impress I/C Skincare:

Brightening Wash 2 for $46 (UPS$42 each)

White Lotion/Emulsion S$30 each

Revitalizing Softening Oil /Lotion / Milk - S$30 (UPS$85) each

Revitalizing Moist Up Essence S$50 (UPS$136)

Revitalizing Cream S$50 (UPS$136)/ Revitalizing Cream Energission S$120 (UPS$340)

Moist Fitter Balm S$40/(UPS$103) /Moist Up Hand Cream S$15 (UPS$34) / Milky Change Warm Massage S$30 (UPS$85)

Impress Skincare:

Lotion I/II S$55 (UPS$153)

Emulsion I/II S$65 (UPS$184)

Lifting Essence S$90 (UPS$230)

Advance CT Essence S$150 (UPS$340)

UV Essence S$60 (UPS$123)



Beauty C Curve Eyes 02 - S$13 (UPS$54)

Eyeliner/ Mascaras S$8

Nail Polish S$8

Christmas Set with 2 es, 2 lipgloss set S$15


Cream Cleanser $18 (UPS$30)

Clear Conditioner 180ml $45 (UP$66)

White Luster S$35 (UP$66)

Milky Conditioner $45 (UP$74)

Night Conditioner $45 (UP$74)

kanebo-kate-eye-shadow-various-types iliner-model


Gradical Eyes A, Reflect Mirror Eyes, Diamond Cut/ Dual Blend Brown Collection Eyes Palette- $8 (UPS$22-28)

Gel Eyeliner /Super sharp liner /pencil liner -S$10/S$5/S$3

Mascara Base A S$8 (UPS$27),

Volume Gel Mascara, S$8 (UPS$25.50)Wax Mascara S$10 (UPS$25.50)

Under Eyes Concealer /Pores Concealer S$5 (UPS$17),

Rouge $7/Lip Gloss (tube) S$3

Freshel Brightening Fresh C and Moisture

Cleansing Oil /Cream $5

Lotion moist/normal $6

Lotion in essence $25 /Brightening Essence cream $6/$7

BB Cream $8 (UPS$33) / UV Sunblock $5

Full range of Freshel at more than 50% off at least from S$5-$8




Lastly, let's take a look at past years hauls to just give you some idea what to expect at the sale!

Kanebo-Seasonal-Markdowns-bazaar2011 20120613-111311Kate eyeshadowSAM_1977 IMG_712420121114_165205


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