Jomashop: Seven Friday extra 25% off

When it comes to timepieces, the number seven is easily deduced to be a sign for the number of days there are in a week. But the addition of a specific day – Friday, seems to confuse most folks new to the brand. In most countries, a five day work week would mean that Friday is a sign of relief, or a cause for celebration. Leading to the popular phrase “thank god it’s Friday (TGIF)”.

By simply not dwelling too much on the past and worry too much about the future, the Seven Friday philosophy is fulfilled. That is to live each day to the fullest, and that living each day as if it’s Friday is what the brand envision for everyone. The underlying meaning of the Seven Friday brand can easily be explained by two simple words, and that is “carpe diem”, or in other words to simply seize the day!

The collection of current Seven Friday timepieces is essentially inspired from an industrial aesthetic. Their current collection, the P1, P2 and P3 are all taken in context with timeless designs from the industrial age with a little hint of modernization. The P1 and P2 are virtually the same timepiece with a minor difference in their color. Where the P1 is of industrial essence, the P2 is more of a tribute to the entire industrial revolution and the golden age of breweries as hinted by the strong presence of copper on the dial.

The last piece of the collection, the P3 or the Industrial Engine is another variation of color theme from the first two. Whereas the P2 is a stainless steel case treated with grey PVD, the P3 went with full on black PVD. The dial color is said to be inspired from motorcycle patterns. Although the whole racing matte renderings of mechanical machines today seems to match the whole aesthetic of the P3 design.

Jomashop is now cutting extra 25% on all Seven Friday watches, by simply entering the coupon code offered below. Direct shipping with additional shipping fee is provided by Jomashop so forwarder is no need. 7% tax will be applied.

It is not only a timepiece, but also your attitude.


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