Ultimate Guide to Buying Electronics Products in Singapore


Tourists love to shop for electronics products in Singapore due to the wide variety and latest gadgets available in the market. Whether you are a visitor or a local thinking of buying an electronic product, here are some tips from BargainQueen to ensure that you won't get ripped off and get the best deal possible! BQ also highlights the best places for you to shop for your handphone, laptops/computers, TVs and more!


Tip 1: Always compare prices

The investment is usually high so definitely check out the prices at several places before you make the major purchase. Check out the official retail price, export set price, and local set price with available store or credit card promotions. Buying a product from the official store may be the most expensive but also the safest in terms of warranty coverage and support. If you buy an export set, it may be cheap but you may have issues with warranty later on and you may have to get it repaired at a cost. You will need to decide on which you want to trade off. There's usually a significant difference between the two prices.

Also check on the freebies that come with the main product, since they can add up to quite a substantial amount and increase the overall value of your purchase. Of course if you don't really need the freebies, there's no point going for that promotion with many freebies when you can get it at a lower price in a no-frills package!


Tip 2: Check the warranty coverage and exchange policy

As mentioned above, warranty coverage is very important and it will surely save you money in the long term if your purchase has any technical issues. If you are a tourist, check that the warranty is international and valid in your country. The stores usually offer an exchange policy within a certain number of days, do check on this and also test your products on the spot to minimise any need to come back for an exchange. If it is a retailer warranty, especially if the store is independent and small, you need to decide if you can bank on the retailer being around for the period of your warranty.

If you are buying online, ensure that the site is reputable and the product is in brand new condition. Since you are unable to test the product, the exchange policy is definitely utmost important and also check if you need to cover shipping costs when you need to do an exchange. The shipping costs may be quite substantial especially if your product is big in size and you need to ship it overseas. Definitely not the best deal in this case!


Tip 3: Dun forget the GST cost and Tax Refund eligibility

If you are a local, check that the final cost quoted is inclusive of GST as some stores may try to quote you an attractive price without GST and claim that there will be additional GST charged when finalising the deal. For tourists, if the purchase is eligible for tax refund, that's a great deal as the refund may be a substantial sum of savings. Do check with the retailer on the tax refund procedures and your own tax refund eligibility. Take a look at our guide on tax refund here.


Tip 4: Do your research first or bring someone who is tech-savvy 

BQ definitely recommends doing some research on the product that you want to buy before going down to 'recce' the prices so that you know what you need and won't be bought in by a salesperson's pitch. Alternatively bring someone who is tech-savvy along so that the salesperson cannot 'smoke' you.


Tip 5: Places to buy your electronics products

BQ will recommend some reputable places to buy your electronics products so that you can get the best deals. Before we list the retailers, the most famous and biggest electronics mall in Singapore is probably Sim Lim Square. However, due to some retailers' scams, this is not the best place to go unless you are really tech-savvy and know exactly what you want. Tourists should definitely avoid this place and head for the reputable stores!


Funan DigitaLife IT Mall


Funan DigitaLife Mall is the one-stop haven that offers the latest, most innovative, and widest range of genuine and value-for-money IT and electronic gadgets. With credible and reliable tenants, shoppers at Funan are assured the best names at competitive prices in town without being ripped off or hassled.

The mall is conveniently located right in the city near City Hall MRT station and there are many stores offering computing products, game-related goods and cameras. Check around the stores for prices and freebies before you decide on the best deal. There is a tax refund counter right in the mall so you can claim tax refund immediately after your purchase for the tourists.


Harvey Norman 


Harvey Norman carries a huge range of products ranging from the latest home entertainment systems and computing technology, to the most stylish and innovative home appliances available. There are around 16 outlets located around Singapore including the neighbourhoods plus the flagship store is at Millenia Walk in the town area thus it is very convenient for shoppers. You can also shop online at their website.

Harvey Norman may not be the cheapest place to shop however, they are a reputable retailer and the service provided is always professional. Their sales are worth looking out for, especially during the Great Singapore Sale or their clearance sale of older models or display sets. Stay updated on their latest promotions at BQ.sg and check out their current promotions here.



Today, customers can get almost anything from over 300,000 items displayed on four levels covering an area of 400,000 Sq.ft within the six story building  along Syed Alwi Road.

Mustafa Centre offers great prices for their goods as they purchase in bulk quantities. The electronics department is super popular and many tourists flock here to buy tv sets at a bargain. The best selling point is that the mall never closes as the only 24-hour shopping centre in Singapore so you can shop to your heart's content! However, the crowds can get really crazy especially on weekends and the mall is quite tightly packed with so many products that it may be hard to move around. Definitely not for the weak-hearted!






Courts is another reputable retailer in Singapore selling electronics products similar to Harvey Norman. Courts has 15 stores in Singapore including the flagship Megastore in Tampines with state-of-the-art retail offerings. It is home to innovative sub-brands such as Courts Connect, Sofa Maker, Sleep Clinic, Ultimate Screens and Cool Zone Plus.

Courts Singapore's online store also has more than 14,000 products, offering customers a hassle-free experience to shop. Courts has many payment plans available including affordable monthly instalments even if you do not own a credit card that may be your deciding factor when it comes to a major purchase.

As with Harvey Norman, the sales and promotions are worth going for, you can stay updated with the latest promotions at BQ.sg here.



front_entrance2_webChallenger has more than 30 outlets around Singapore so it is convenient to locate one near your area. You can buy the latest consumer electronics there such as audio, accessories, cameras, computers, gaming, mobile phones, networking, printing, storage and tablets. They have the major brands' products such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Canon, Hewlett Packard (HP), Lenovo, Acer, ASUS and even their own Private Label, Valore.

If you are a Challenger member, you are entitled to their special sale items, birthday discounts on selected products and earning reward points with your purchases to exchange for attractive items. The membership costs $30 for 2 years. You can stay updated with Challenger's promotions here.


IT Shows

DSC07293-1024x682With the IT fairs happening nearly every quarter, this is a great place for you to check out the electronics products at bargain prices and get many freebies along with your purchase. The Mega IT fairs like Comex (upcoming from 3 - 6 Sep 2015, read more here) and PC Show will have the latest and newest products by the major technology brands on sale while the smaller ones will have the older products selling at big discounts.

Generally, it is good to make your purchase on the last days of the shows as the retailers try to make their last sales and clear remaining stock, however you do run the risk of the stock being sold out. The 4 mega fairs to look out for are:

  1. IT Show (www.itshow.com.sg)
  2. The PC Show (www.thepcshow.com.sg)
  3. Comex (www.comexshow.com.sg)
  4. Sitex (www.sitex.com.sg)


Online websites

Shopping online from the comfort of your home with better prices? Sounds good! Although you can't test the product and there may be exchange hassles if the item arrived with issues, online retailers do provide the best deals. You can also find some unique IT products that are not available locally. Below are some online websites that have great bargains for electronics products:


Click on the links for the latest promotions that we update on BQ.sg!






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