Today Only! Rakuten: Up to 20X Rakuten Super Points Reward + Extra 5% OFF with MasterCard 20X Points = 20% Cash Rebate

Tuesday is the day to shop at Rakuten! Rakuten Tuesdays are days where they have lots of promotions and for today, they are offering up to 20X Rakuten Super Points and extra 5% off when you pay with MasterCard! No min. purchase required. 20X Rakuten Super Points are equivalent to 20% Cash Rebate! Promo ends today midnight. Check out the promotions now!

How do Rakuten Super Points (RSP) work?

  1. For example, buy an iPhone at $1000.
  2. Get 10x RSP=10,000 RSP (100RSP=$1) You Save $100
  3. Get extra 5% off using MasterCard (capped at $30)
  4. You end up paying $870 for your iPhone!


Terms & Conditions:

  • 20X RSP Reward capped at 3000.
  • RSP Reward cannot be used in conjunction with any coupon.
  • Points will be credited 7 days after order completion.
  • 5% MasterCard discount capped at $30
  • Promotion ends tonight midnight


Store Promotions:



“Tokyo Fashion” is one of the major brands on Yahoo! Taiwan’s online auction platform, Taiwan's biggest online auction platform with unprecedented extensive and unique fashion collection updated weekly and wallet-friendly pricing strategy. They feature mainstream popular fashion, easy to wear styles from Japan and Korea. Hundreds of new products are updated weekly, broad and varied range for students to TWITs (Teenage Women in her Thirties).



  • Use coupon code: MPTOK50 and get 50% OFF Storewide + Free Shipping > 39 + 5% MC at TokiChoi



Gulliver, in our opinion, is the best selling merchant at It offers wide range of branded products, which includes Samsonite, Tumi, American Tourister, Le Creuset, Birkenstock, Longchamp, Heschel, Lamy, Stokke, Nubra, and so on. It is no doubt a "department store" in They are also a member of AACD which aims to eliminate counterfeit and fraudulent products.



  • Use coupon code: MPGLV33 and get 33% OFF Storewide + 5% MC at GLV



Flaunt.It is a beauty store selling quality and authentic products from brands like Phyto, Avalon Organics, Missha, Bioderma, SK-II, O.P.I and more.



  • Use coupon code: MQFLA25 and get 25% OFF Storewide + 5% MC at flaunt-it



A beauty store that sells products from SK-II, Fancl, Shu Uemura, Lancome, Kose and more!



  • Use coupon code: MQSHI20 and get 20% OFF Storewide + 5% MC at shicara



Parisilk is Singapore’s Premier Neighbourhood Electronic Goods Discount Store.


  • Use coupon code: MQPAR5 and get up to 40% OFF Storewide + 5% MC at Parisilk


And more store promotions here!








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