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Discover the wonders of a Sofzsleep® latex mattress and make sleeping great again!

From 18 November 2016 to 31 December 2016, enjoy 15% OFF all Sofzsleep® Premium Latex Mattress & Bedding Accessories.


There are many brands available in the market, so what set us apart from the others?

** Sofzsleep products are made with latex from a Belgium manufacturer whose products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified (free from harmful substances).

Other brands do not indicate where the latex is from. Their products may not be free of harmful substances so you do not know if they are safe to sleep on.

** Some latex manufacturers add ‘fillers’ into their latex mainly to minimize the compound cost, and in some cases to make a harder end product. Fillers are products such as clay, chalk or calcium carbonate based products. They make the mattress harder, less elastic and less comfortable. Fillers also make the latex more brittle. So you will not notice anything in the beginning, but after 2 to 3 years the latex will start disintegrating. On top of that, the elasticity of the mattress gets lost.

WE GUARANTEE Sofzsleep latex are made with 100% latex, without any fillers.

** A large number of mattresses available in the market are made with a fixed cover, so you do not know exactly what material is used in these mattresses.
Is a “full latex inside” description really so?
Or is polyurethane foam or other cheaper alternative used?

Sofzsleep™ mattresses come with a removable, dry-cleanable zipped cover so that you can see the entire pure latex core inside. You get the value you are paying for.

** Sofzsleep products made with a Bamboo cover.

Bamboo possesses unique natural properties that prevents and resists infestation by fungi and harmful bacteria. This stops odour-producing bacteria from growing and spreading and also resists bacteria that can infect eczema-prone skin. Bamboo is remarkably breathable which results in excellent moisture absorption and ventilation. The cross-section of the bamboo fibre is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, which makes this a cool and refreshing quality.

The soft and luxurious feel of Bamboo ensures maximum sleep comfort. They feel so good that even a baby can discern the difference.

** Sofzsleep products have no pungent smell. In fact, our latex smell a bit like vanilla or banana. If the latex is not processed properly, you will have a pungent repulsive smell.

** Sofzsleep products are durable and does not sag. If the latex is not of a good quality, sagging is highly possible even within a few months of use and you can see the latex turning in crumbs.

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