[Shea] The truth behind pH neutral or pH balanced soapTrue soaps are effective cleansers and have a pH of between

The truth behind pH neutral or pH balanced soap

True soaps are effective cleansers and have a pH of between 9 and 10. Oils and dirt are removed from the surface of the skin while leaving the layers of skin beneath alone. A true soap will always have a high pH level and have a healthy free fatty acid and triglyceride content. Free fats help skin recover its natural pH balance faster and may act as an emollient.

It is incorrect to say that a bar soap or cleanser must have a pH level that matches human skin. Many brand name mass produced soap companies spend millions on misleading advertising. A common advertising ploy has lead consumers to believe that cleansers are automatically better if they are pH-balanced. pH-Balanced cleansers match the pH of the skin, which is slightly acidic.

But, how do they neutralise the normal alkalinity of soap? Yes, by adding synthetic detergents that are acidic, and very harmful to the skin.

Solvents and grease strippers (now this is nasty stuff) are used to achieve the cleaning action which strips the skin’s natural oils from the upper layer of skin and many layers below. Stripping the natural oils from layers deep beneath the surface of the skin can cause the body to produce a much greater amount of natural oil to make up the difference, causing oily skin and ultimately, skin breakouts True soap should not trigger such a reaction.
If your skin feels tight and itchy after washing with a bar of “soap” , you’ve likely been exposed to a detergent and not pure soap.

Thus, the first thing you reach for after cleansing with a detergent is something to moisturize your skin, such as lotion, (which is often made by the same manufacturers that dried your skin with detergent in the first place, great upselling, at YOUR expense)

Just try one of our carefully sourced soaps, and feel the difference. You will easily notice that the soap washes off more easily, and your skin does not feel dry and itchy. Start exploring here. http://shea.com.sg/bar-soap/cold-process-soap.html


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