[Radium Medical Aesthetics] 1)I have a flat nose. What can I do to improve the definition of my nose without undergoing rhinoplasty?

1)I have a flat nose. What can I do to improve the definition of my nose without undergoing rhinoplasty?

You may be surprised to know that there are many ways to improve the definition of the nose without having to go under the knife.

Depending on the condition and treatment outcome you are looking for, your doctor may recommend you one or both methods - Dermal fillers for sculpting or thread lift to provide definition and lifting of the nose.

A range of fillers can be used to precisely sculpt the nose to reshape and improve the definition of the nose naturally with very little downtime. At Radium, we use Restylane SubQ. Restylane SubQ is made of hyaluronic acid which is a biopolymer that is naturally found in our bodies. It can last for up to 12 months, and repeated treatment can prolong the effects of the treatment.

Another type of filler we offer is Ellansé. Ellansé works differently from traditional dermal fillers because it is a bio-stimulator. This means that it stimulates your own collagen to correct deficient areas. Effects are immediate and long-lasting. It can last at least 2 years with some reports saying that it can last up to 3-4 years.

For a more visible result, you can opt for a non-surgical nose thread. This can be done in about 30 minutes with local anesthesia applied to the treatment area. Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are used for this procedure. This is the same material used for sutures that surgeons use to stitch wounds after surgery. The threads are completely safe and absorbable. The natural resorption process stimulates collagen production to provide lift and structure to the nose. The threads will gradually dissolve over 6 months but results can last between 2-3 years, depending on individuals.

At Radium Medical aesthetics, we offer the services above. If you like to find out more, please check out the links below:

SubQ Restylane Precision Facial Sculpting - http://bit.ly/2ifxI5n

Ellansé Bio-Stimulating Fillers - http://bit.ly/2hU1ERq

K-Define Nose Augmentation - http://bit.ly/2hTN1Oh

2) I am 23 but I notice that my hair is thinning. What should I do?

Thinning hair is an issue that affects both men and women. It affects many people at some point in their lives. There are a wide range of conditions that can bring about hair loss ranging from excessive use of hair products, anemia, menopause, medication, sudden weight loss, medical conditions and stress.

We lose about 100 strands of hair a day. However, if you notice that you are shedding more than that, you should consider seeking medical help to address this issue and find out the reason for your hair loss.

There are several ways to treat hair loss. Your doctor may recommend one of the following treatments:

Finasteride is hair loss medicine which must be prescribed by a doctor. The reported side effects are impotence and decreased libido. Also, Finasteride is not indicated for use in women. Furthermore, long-term oral medication is also not a preferred choice among consumers. Alternatively, people can opt for topical application. Minoxidil is a solution that is applied topically on affected areas. It is an FDA-approved over-the-counter medication to stimulate hair growth and to delay balding. Some people find it a hassle to apply on the scalp daily.

For people who are not keen on the options above, they can consider using Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair growth. The laser when exposed to the scalp will be absorbed by cells and increase metabolism and stimulate the follicles to promote hair growth. This painless, convenient treatment should ideally be done once a week.

Another treatment you can consider is our LASEMD Hair Regrowth Laser. This uses an advanced technology to create micro-channels in your scalp to allow hair regrowth serum to penetrate deep into the hair follicles to exert maximal effect. At the same time, the Thulium laser stimulates the hair follicles to produce stronger hair. This 10-minute procedure does not have any downtime with minimal discomfort.

If you wish to find out more about the hair loss treatments we offer, please refer to the links below:

LED Red Hair Therapy - http://bit.ly/2hzSNXF
LASEMD Hair Regrowth Laser - http://bit.ly/2hP1wW9

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