[Nichebabies] YOUR DETOX CENTRE NEEDS DETOXINGIs Year 2017 n Happy New Year! Tis the season for merriment and joy!As


Is Year 2017 n Happy New Year! Tis the season for merriment and joy!

As the food and drinks flow, take a moment to consider your hardworking liver. All the blood flow from the gastro-intestinal tract must flow to the liver before it passes through to the rest of the body. Not only does the liver receive food substances, it is also the first organ which gets hit by any toxin, chemical substances or inflammatory substances absorbed from the gut. That’s why our liver is indeed our body’s main detox centre.

But there is a limit to how much our liver can take. A sudden surge of toxin such as bingeing on alcohol can overwhelm the liver. Prolonged exposure to alcohol can slowly poison the liver too. The end result of liver injury is inflammation followed by fatty change in liver cells, cirrhosis and eventually, liver failure or even liver cancer.

While it is best to abstain from consuming alcohol, if it is impossible to avoid you should take steps to protect this vital organ from being injured by sudden binge drinking or prolonged drinking.

Alcohol injures the liver because it upsets the natural intestinal bacteria balance and results in a build-up of toxins produced by unhealthy intestinal bacteria. At the same time alcohol destroys the intestinal surface, allowing the toxins to easily cross over into the blood stream. The toxins go straight to the liver causing liver inflammation which progresses to fatty liver, cirrhosis and liver failure.

But there is an option available. LactoGG’s GG probiotic strain has been found to reduce liver injury due to alcohol.

How does LactoGG’s probiotic do it?

1. The “GG” probiotic breaks down the toxic end-product of alcohol called acetaldehyde.

2. It reduces inflammation of the stomach and intestinal surface caused by alcohol and promotes regeneration of injured intestinal cells. These protective effects help maintain a strong and intact intestinal surface barrier and prevent the absorption of toxins.

3. LactoGG’s probiotic bacteria in the gut promote the growth of many types of healthy bacteria despite the presence of alcohol. Having a wide variety of healthy intestinal bacteria is one of the keys to healthy intestinal function.

Because of LactoGG’s probiotic’s beneficial effects, studies have found that taking this probiotic before and after the consumption of alcohol has a direct anti-inflammatory effect on the liver. (Figure 1) If alcohol consumption has been going on over a long time, LactoGG’s probiotic REVERSES liver inflammation and fatty liver. During sudden consumption of large volumes of alcohol (binge drinking) LactoGG’s probiotic PREVENTS liver injury if the probiotic is taken before drinking. (Figure 2)

So when enjoying the festivities, spare a thought for your hardworking liver and take your friend, LactoGG, with you to the parties!


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