[Stereo] iFi Audio DSD Micro Black Label: “Good DAC with Multi-connect and output.” A review by stevenyu2000.Pros: “Flexible with

iFi Audio DSD Micro Black Label: "Good DAC with Multi-connect and output." A review by stevenyu2000.

Pros: "Flexible with lots of input and output. Musical Powerful AMP."

"....a tweaked to the roof original Micro iDSD...a satin black version (with silk orange writings) of original Micro iDSD...sonically much better version of original Micro iDSD....loaded with latest 3D+ and XBass+ tech, superior over ones in original Micro iDSD....a clean and good support to the DAC circuit....much high class than the original silver colour....BL has powerful AMP inside.... with more bass and better sound stage....It was a musical DAC, warm sound with good punch..."

Thank you stevenyu2000 for your review.

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