#Repost from the bubbly @jaynetham!

"Wait you can tell my what from my pulse?!" That was a question that occurred many times during my consultation with Physician Chan when I went to @pulsetcm for my first visit. Just by reading my pulse, she knows what my body lacks, how body is feeling and even what type of food I had for lunch! And to my surprise, she's so on point with all of her findings just by my pulse! Hence, the name of the clinic right? Heh 😄

Anyways, I've been suffering from quite bad shoulder and neck aches, especially on the left side, which was why I decided to get some help from Dr Chan. She explained these pains are due to stress or weakness in body. For me, it's a combo of both but more on the weakness.
So, she put me through a series of treatments that lasts only an hour with cupping and acupuncture to help ease the tension. A lot of my friends asked about the level of pain when it comes to acupuncture and tbh, it REALLY is a quick one, like an ant bite. Once it's in, you don't really feel that it's there and usually, it stays in for about 20 mins for me before I go on to cupping. I even fell asleep with the needles once!

As with most medical treatments, there's no such thing that the pain will be gone when treated once. But even with this one session, I felt a dramatic change - and that is that my neck is not as stiff! I'm going to be visiting Dr Chan for a couple of weeks to continuously treat this ache so keep close to find out about my progress at Pulse TCM! If you are keen to find out more about Pulse TCM and the services they offer, check out http://www.pulsetcm.sg. Psst, I hear they have a signature facial service that helps to slim your face!

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