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Departure: Tue 4 Apr   Return: Thu 6 Apr
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to Hanoi
Departure: Mon 24 Apr   Return: Thu 27 Apr
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to Langkawi
Departure: Tue 4 Apr   Return: Fri 7 Apr
(As at 05:30AM SGT Thu 23 Feb, subject to availability)
Ending tonight: 5 airlines on sale!
Airlines on sale + 5% flight rebate. Hurry, book now!

Save 5% flight rebate on top of flash sale fares.

flightBangkokReturn from $179 SQ logo
flightHong KongReturn from $236 SQ logo
flight Taipei Return from $449 SQ logo
flightBangkokReturn from $195 TG logo
flight Tokyo Return from $370 TG logo
flightTaipeiReturn from $421 BR logo
flight Tokyo Return from $616 NH logo
flightSeoulReturn from $631 KE logo
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