[Advance Lap] Forget about your EZ-Link card.

Forget about your EZ-Link card. Garmin has just announced that its vivosmart HR smartwatch will soon be available in Singapore with an integrated EZ-Link CEPAS purse. In other words, the watch becomes your EZ-Link card as well!

This means that if you’re the type to run long distances and then take a bus or train back home, you have one less thing to carry when wearing the Garmin vivosmart HR watch, which is now also your public transport payment device.

It will work on other contactless payment devices too, so if you have enough stored value on hand, buying a drink from a convenience store mid-run now simply means tapping your watch on the cashier’s reader.

The convenience of wearing an EZ-Link device on your wrist means that you are very unlikely to misplace or drop it.

The vívosmart HR offers 24/7 steps, sleep and fitness activity tracking. It also has heart-rate monitor for fitness enthusiasts who want to make sure that they are exercising in the optimal heart-rate zone. It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and once connected, you can receive notifications such as WhatsApp messages and Facebook posts on the fitness band instead of having to constantly check your phone.

(Wordings extracted from www.runmagazine.asia)

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