[Caesars] Featuring Skyjiro Kaiyou Katana.

Featuring Skyjiro Kaiyou Katana.
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Swords of Tradition and Beauty, the refined blades made by SkyJiro Forge offer an excellent choice of options, with their range including swords made using Traditional Tamahagane (Steel smelted from Iron Sand), Oroshigane (Steel smelted from Iron Pieces), Forge-Folded Traditional Edge-Tempered, Forged Traditional Edge-Tempered, Forge-Folded Throught-Tempered, Forged Throught-Tempered and SkyJiro Forge’s Special Proprietary Hardening Blades.

Skyjiro swords are perfect for the martial arts practitioner doing training, cutting, & Iaido. Designed to withstand sword to sword combat in battle with swords listed in the top two classes are of collector's grade.

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