Limited time only! McDonald’s: Samurai Burgers are Back with Roasted Sesame & Seaweed Shaker Fries & the NEW Creamy Herb Chicken Pie!

McDonald's Samurai warrior is back with tasty new sidekick! Get your hands on Samurai Burgers, add on Roasted Sesame & Seaweed Shaker Fries, then top it off with the new Creamy Herb Chicken Pie, for an unstoppable feast!


The legendary Samurai makes a comeback!

Our celebrated hero is back, with juicy beef or grilled chicken patty slathered in our signature teriyaki sauce. Accompanied by his tasty sidekicks, Roasted Sesame & Seaweed Shaker Fries, Dinosaur McFlurry® and the new Creamy Herb Chicken Pie. The wait is over. Honour your appetite now!




Beef Samurai Burger

Seize the unbeatable taste of a juicy quarter pound beef patty with a generous coat of our signature savoury-sweet teriyaki sauce, topped with crisp lettuce, a dollop of creamy mayonnaise, and packed between soft sesame buns.

Allergen information: Samurai burgers contain wheat, egg and soy beans.


Samurai Chicken Burger

Take your taste buds to the next level with a tender chicken patty, grilled then coated with our signature savoury-sweet teriyaki sauce, crowned with crisp lettuce, creamy mayonnaise and golden-toasted sesame buns.

Allergen information:Samurai Burgers contain wheat, egg and soy beans.

Roasted Sesame & Seaweed Shaker fries

Golden fries lavishly sprinkled with the umami fragrance of roasted sesame and seaweed. It’s a flavourful force to reckon with.

Allergen information: Roasted Sesame & Seaweed Shaker Fries contain sesame, wheat and soy beans.


New Creamy Herb Chicken Pie

Our first-ever savoury pie is a burst of creaminess that packs all the goodness of chicken, carrots, potatoes, peas and mushrooms, in a crispy and flaky pie crust – the first of its kind at McDonald’s.

Allergen information: Creamy Herb Chicken Pie contains wheat, egg, milk and soy beans.


Dinosaur McFlurry®

Unleash your ferocious appetite for dessert on creamy swirls of vanilla ice-cream blitzed with your favourite MILO®. It’s topped with more delicious MILO® powder like a true Milo Dinosaur.

Allergen information: Dinosaur McFlurry® contains gluten and milk.

Available after breakfast hours and while stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Featured products are flavoured and contain allergens.



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