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*Hotels.com Secret Prices terms & conditions:
Sale on participating properties only. Minimum night stay may be required. Offers vary by property. Rooms and prices are subject to availability. Prices do not include taxes and fees and are subject to change without notice. Additional restrictions and blackout dates may apply. To access these offers, follow the link in the Secret Prices email.

**Hotels.com Rewards Free Night terms & conditions:
Open to individuals who are 18 or older and have a valid email address. When you book and stay ten (10) nights at eligible pre-pay Hotels.com Rewards properties, you'll earn one (1) free night at an eligible pre-pay Hotels.com Rewards property. The maximum value of the free night is the average daily rate of your ten (10) nights stayed. Free night does not include taxes and fees. You may pay the difference if you choose a room that costs more. You are responsible for paying for taxes, fees, meals, incidentals, and any other costs associated with the booking or stay. And you cannot use any balance from free night credit to pay taxes, fees, meals, incidentals, or any other costs. Bookings made on a property where the customer pays the hotel directly, package bookings, bookings made using a non-zero dollar coupon or discount code and certain other bookings do not qualify toward the ten (10) nights. Loyalty credits will not expire as long as you make a qualifying booking or redeem a free night associated with your Hotels.com Rewards account at least once every 12 months. Offer subject to complete terms and conditions. Read more.

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