[Kaligo] , illuminate your winter holidays with a visit to the Northern Lights

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Admire the dazzling and colourful spectacle of Aurora Borealis and travel to these wintry destinations!
Featured in every bucket list, the Aurora Borealis fascinates all who see it! Check-out our recommended destinations to chase this magical phenomenon.
Book hotels in Banff
Imagine glowy green lights dancing above rocky mountains and turquoise lakes. There's no better place than Banff National Park to host this magical scene.
When to go: September to mid-May
Banff, Canada
9,550 Miles
earned for 3 nights*
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Book hotels in Reykjavik
Escape the city lights of Iceland’s capital with a short drive to Thingvellir National Park, where you can witness a breathtaking show full of intense colours!
When to go: September to April
Reykjavik, Iceland
8,050 Miles
earned for 3 nights*
Book hotels in Reykjavik
Book hotels in Tromso
Located above the Arctic Circle, Tromsø area is a renowned spot where you can stand on frozen lakes to admire polar lights on days when the sun doesn’t appear for more than 24 hours.
When to go: November to January
Tromsø, Norway
7,190 Miles
earned for 1 night*
Book hotels in Tromso
Book hotels in Rovaniemi
In Lapland, you can chase the Northern Lights 150 nights a year! Also known as Santa Claus Village, this is the perfect place for a magical Christmas experience.
When to go: Late August to early April
Rovaniemi, Lapland
3,110 Miles
earned for 3 nights*
Book hotels in Rovaniemi
So, are you ready to chase the Northern Lights?

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