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We're open at the HipVan Experience Store today, come say 'Hi!' and hang out with us!


The #itshere sale's ending in a week; Here's what you can get in time for CNY!


HipVan-Bundles--Helios-3-Seater-Sofa-in-Cognac-and-Andee-Armchair-in-Blush-12.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Helios 3 Seater Sofa in Cognac and Andee Armchair in Blush $2879.00 HipVan-Bundles--Kei-3-Seater-Sofa-in-Granite-and-Moana-Knitted-Pouffes-in-Yellow-and-Grey-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Kei 3 Seater Sofa in Granite and Moana Knitted Pouffes in Yellow and Grey $1629.00 hana-3s-1s-set.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Hana 3 Seater Sofa with Hana Armchair - Light Grey $579.00
HipVan-Bundles--Elijah-TV-Console-2m-with-Navara-Coffee-Table-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Elijah TV Console 2m with Navara Coffee Table $1049.00 HipVan-Bundles--Keita-TV-Console-1-8m-with-Blythe-Coffee-Table-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Keita TV Console 1.8m with Blythe Coffee Table $829.00 HipVan-Bundles--Paco-Coffee-Table-and-Paco-Side-Table-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Paco Coffee Table and Paco Side Table $219.00
Titus-Concrete-Dining-Table-1-8m-with-4-Ethan-Side-Chairs-Faux-Leather-set.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Titus Dining Table with 4 Ethan Side Chairs $1479.00 varden-marrim-ladee.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Varden Dining Table 1.7m with Marrim Bench and 2 Ladee Dining Chairs - Natural $679.00 harold-round-dining-table-1m-with-4-dsw-chairs-white-set.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Harold Round Dining Table 1m with 4 DSW Chairs - White $329.00
HipVan-Bundles--Isabelle-King-Storage-Bed-with-2-Cadencia-Bedside-Tables-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Isabelle King Storage Bed with 2 Cadencia Bedside Tables $1429.00 HipVan-Bundles--Evan-Queen-Headboard-Bed-with-2-Leland-Single-Drawer-Bedside-Tables-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Evan Queen Headboard Bed with 2 Leland Single Drawer Bedside Tables $879.00 Kyoto-solid-wood-queen-bed-with-2-Kyoto-Single-Drawer-Bedside-Tables-Oak.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Kyoto Solid Wood Queen Bed with 2 Kyoto Single Drawer Bedside Tables - Oak $779.00
HipVan-Bundles--Audrey-Queen-Storage-Bed-with-DREAM-Mattress-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Audrey Queen Storage Bed with DREAM Mattress $1329.00 HipVan-Bundles--Stanley-Queen-Headboard-Bed-with-DREAM-Mattress-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Stanley Queen Headboard Bed with DREAM Mattress $1229.00 HipVan-Bundles--Lennon-Queen-Headboard-Bed-with-DREAM-Mattress-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Lennon Queen Headboard Bed with DREAM Mattress $1099.00
Outdoor-Sets-by-HipVan--Beldene-L-Shape-Sofa-Set--Sage-Green-cushions-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Beldene Modular L Shape Outdoor Sofa Set - Sage Green $999.00 Outdoor-Sets-by-HipVan--Arlana-Armchair-with-Sand-cushion--Set-of-2-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Arlana Outdoor Armchair - Sand (Set of 2) $459.00 Outdoor-Sets-by-HipVan--Milton-3pc-Set-with-White-cushions-1.png?w=300&fm=jpg&q=80?fm=jpg&q=85&w=300 Milton Armchairs with Side Table Outdoor Set - White $249.00


Come sit, feel, touch & enjoy our furniture!


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