[Kaligo] , step back in time with these 5 historical destinations!

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Ancient adventures await! Step back in time and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.
In need of a change in scenery? Our selected historical destinations are sure to teleport you to a different time altogether! Ready, set & book away.
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A once-thriving cosmopolitan city fallen into ruin, the ancient Kingdom of Ayutthaya continues to be the mark of Thai culture and features numerous temples and floating markets. Read more
Bangkok, Thailand
13,891 Miles
earned for 3 nights*
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Hike up the Huaynu Picchu trail to the monumental beauty that's Machu Picchu. About 600 metres above sea level you'll find stunning views and over 200 ruins featuring intricate stonework. Read more
Cusco, Peru
4,049 Miles
earned for 3 nights*
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Channel your inner Indiana Jones at Petra. One of the legendary movies featured the entrance of the Al-Khazneh. Get up-close with this enchanting rose-red city and discover its secrets. Read more
Petra, Jordan
1,777 Miles
earned for 3 nights*
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