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There’s a heap of hyperbole out there about the wonders of next-generation cycling components.
Cyclists are right to be sceptical.
So, when you have something genuinely good, it can be hard to break through.
We’ve spent a lot of time banging on about Prime Wheels. But true to their sceptical ways, cyclists look at the reviews, then look at the price. Then look at the reviews again. Then again at the price. Then they think, “that can’t be rightâ€.
We see it in forums all the time. “You get what you pay for,†cyclists warn each other, “…it must be a compromise in qualityâ€. Stuff like that.
Prime Wheels have been put to the test by pretty much every major road cycling publication there is. Seasoned hacks have crunched them over cobbles, spun them against driving rain, and sailed them through whipping winds.
Customers who’ve taken the punt have joined the chorus of growing fandom. Five-star reviews are now a matter of course.
The word, finally, is getting out.
Prime wheels reviews
And for the record, Prime Wheels use top quality carbon fibre, which is sourced from a manufacturer who works with Mitsubishi; they're tested, ridden, and loved by pro riders.
You’re not getting less, you’re getting more. You get tubeless-ready fitting. You get a two-year warranty. You get wind-cancelling profile, super stiffness and response, and performance comparable to those twice, even three-times the price.
Prime wheels aren’t a compromise. They offer the same quality of manufacturing and performance of top brands, just for a lot less.
It’s true. Tell your friends.
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Liam Cahill | road.cc review
Matt Wikstrom | Cycling Tips review
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