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Prices do not include taxes and fees and are subject to change and withdrawal without notice. All prices, displayed as lowest average nightly rates unless specified, were current at the time this email was published. Actual rates, availability and number of times booked in the last 24 hours for a specific date, destination or offer may have changed since this email was published or since you last visited our site and may vary at any time, including prior to completing a booking. Please refer to the website for the most current pricing.

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See site for booking and travel deadlines. Sale ends 12/09/2019 — travel period may be as short as one month from booking. Rooms and prices subject to availability at the time of booking. Discount is only available at participating properties and may require a minimum night stay. Discounts are subject to availability and may be discontinued without notice. Additional restrictions and blackout dates may apply. Subject to full terms and conditions.

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Secret Prices are available to Hotels.com™ app users, Hotels.comâ„¢ Rewards members and individuals who unlock Secret Prices on the website by subscribing to Hotels.com™ by email. Secret Prices will be shown where the “Your Secret Price†banner is displayed on your search results. Available on select properties and select dates only. Subject to full terms and conditions.

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