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Ge!ato @Westgate: Extra FREE Scoop of Gelato

Ge!ato @Westgate: Extra FREE Scoop of Gelato
Local Posted 4 years ago

Calling all Trainers at Westgate!

Need a good rest and something sweet to appease your taste-buds after a tiring day of hunting, school or work?
Come down now to Ge!ato @ Westgate to catch them all while enjoying our tasty and soothing Gelato! Our location is right at the Gym and surrounded by Pokestops!

From now till further notice, take a screenshot of either Kakuna, Venonat, Pidgeot or Paras being caught with our stall in the background, like us post it in our Facebook wall!

Show it to our staff to verify the post as well as the caught Pokemon in your Pokemon Go App (Yup, you have to catch them) to get a free scoop of Gelato for every purchase!

This is applicable for both classics and premium flavors, for either cups or cones and is in conjunction with our 1 for 1 promotion!

So come down now and hunt with your taste-buds satisfied!