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Thomann: SPL Phonitor 2 for SGD1902, Direct Shipping to Singapore

Thomann: SPL Phonitor 2 for SGD1902, Direct Shipping to Singapore
Overseas Posted 5 years ago

German online music equipment store Thomann offers SPL phonitor 2 black version for SGD 1902, and white version for SGD 1906. You can also find SPL phonitor Mini for SGD 975.

Direct shipping to Singapore provided with the flat rate EUR50.

SPL Phonitor 2 Black, Preamp / Monitor-Controller, switchable Level adjust (Conusmer- to Professional Level 1:1, +6dB, +12dB), Line- thomann and Headphone-Preamp for 3 Sources, Speaker Simulator on Headphones, Level Control remote Function with motorized Rotary Controller, for all Types of Headphones (dynamic, balanced, electrostatic), 120V Technology, analog VU-Meter, Speaker/Headphone Mute Function, Connections: 3x Stereo Line-Input (2x XLR L/R Source 1 and thomann 2 and RCA L/R Source 3), Stereo Line-Out XLR, Stereo Headphone-Out, build-in Power Supply, Desktop Housing, Dimensions: 325 x 275 x 92 mm (with Feet and Volume Knob), Weight: 4.6 kg, colour: black

€441.18 Adam A7X active speaker @ Thomann.DE Direct Shipping to Singapore

Adam A7X active speaker @ Thomann.DE
Overseas Posted 6 years ago

Looking for active nearfield monitor? BargainQueen just found out a good place to purchase the gear.

Thomann.DE is offering the Adam A7X 2-way active speaker for €522/piece, however if you are buying from Singapore the Germany GST aka VAT will be automatically deducted. The price will drop to 441.18 EUR.  Thomann provides direct flat rate shipping for €50 via DHL, therefore you don't need to worry about paying extra bucks for 3rd party forwarding service.

The price differences is huge, BQ found out somebody sold a pair of 2nd hand A7X in Singapore for SGD2000, comparing to Thomann, it will cost you around 1372 to get a brand new A7X (you may need to pay extra 7% GST)



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