[Playstore by Kidz Story] Thank you for the wonderful support at our recently concluded roadshow at Great World City main atrium.

[Playstore by Kidz Story] Thank you for the wonderful support at our recently concluded roadshow at Great World City main atrium.
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Thank you for the wonderful support at our recently concluded roadshow at Great World City main atrium. For those who missed it, visit us at our Great World City (#02-33A) showroom to enjoy the equally fantastic promotion. See ya. 🙂 (more…)

[Playstore by Kidz Story] NEW!

[Playstore by Kidz Story] NEW!
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Pre-launch exclusively at Playstore at Great World City!
Family Fun at the #Winter Sports

Let's roll! The roof rack is mounted, skis and snowboards are packed - a family trip with Winter SUV can begin! Ski helmets and gloves are well stowed away. After arrival, the little ones will be taken to the ski school. The funny ski instructor in a bear costume playfully teaches children how to ski. Who will win the slalom for the penguin balloons and drive the fastest through the finish point?

Continue to the first big descent together with mom and dad. As a reward, it's off to the ski lodge for a break. What's delicious here - Bavarian Germknödel, chips in the shell, a tin of biscuits - there is something for everyone. To quench thirst, soda and pitchers are ready for the dispensing system. You can warm up on the sunny terrace or in the cuddly fireplace seating area. If you want to be on the mountain especially early in the morning, you can also spend the night in the dormitory in the attic. There is space for two mattresses with sleeping bags and even a small bathroom with toilet and sink included.

There's also a lot going on in front of the hut. Children are having a wild snowball fight for the new snow castle. 3 hobby winter sports fans rush by on skis, snowboards and a snow tube, followed by a cool skier with short skis. And there's even a Snowmobile! Further away, a biathlete and a ski racer prepare for the next day's competition. Isn't this an exciting trip?

There's nothing in the way for the perfect descent. With this new play world, the little ones can bring home exciting winter adventures!

For ages 4+

Each set sold separately. Limited pre-launch quantities.

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[Playstore by Kidz Story] NEW!

[Playstore by Kidz Story] NEW!
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Romans & Egyptians
Pre-launch exclusively at Playstore at Great World City​!

Time travel in #PLAYMOBIL format!

Pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphics – numerous myths and legends surround the ancient Egyptians. To this day, children and adults are also fascinated by ancient Rome with its emperors and legionnaires. PLAYMOBIL is now inviting young adventurers to rediscover these intriguing times.

The formidable rulers Caesar and Cleopatra have agreed on a truce – but will it hold? An enemy has already forged a cunning plan... the events are taking place in the majestic Pharaoh’s Pyramid, where long-guarded secrets and precious treasures are hidden behind the walls. Dangerous traps and riddles are making it difficult for the Tomb Raiders to get inside. Numerous add-ons such as the Roman Warriors’ Ship, the Egyptian Troop with Ballista and the Tomb Raiders’ Camp complete the theme, offering the perfect arena for action-packed spectacles in children’s rooms. The intricate figures and equipment, and the subtle functions of the nine articles make ancient history come alive.

Historical play worlds are a key part of PLAYMOBIL’s colourful universe. When new themes are planned, the PLAYMOBIL developers meticulously research all the details. How did people live in ancient Egypt and Rome? What did they wear? How did they transport things and how did they fight their battles? As Uwe Reuter, Head of Development at PLAYMOBIL, explains: “When we design a new play world we always include elements which children know are typical for the specific historical period. And we don’t forget to check out which play aspects offer the most fun in this setting, of course.”

The recipe for success of the creative developers at Zirndorf is to provide appropriate elements and original play functions which encourage children to keep on making up and experiencing their own new stories in role play. Imaginative time travel included – "wasn’t that Cleopatra passing by in the PLAYMOBIL space rocket?"

For ages 4/ 6+

Now available at Playstore at Great World City.

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[Playstore by Kidz Story]

[Playstore by Kidz Story]
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#CNY Special: 20% off Storewide*

- Now 'til 31 Jan 2017.
- Valid on regular-priced (white-tagged) items only, with min. spend of $20 and above.
- Cannot be combined with vouchers, privilege card or PCC membership for further discount.
- Other terms & conditions apply. Please check in-store for details.

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